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Connect with your audience in real-time

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Multiple streams to maximize your income

Exclusive Experiences

Offer content that's uniquely you

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Connect with people who value your craft

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Leverage your unique abilities to connect with followers who value your knowledge, and convert your passion into profits. Use advanced tools that amplify your reach and multiply your earnings on a platform that celebrates and elevates your expertise.

Chefs & Foodies
Fitness Trainers
Fashion Designers
Tech Savvy
DIY Makers
Travel Vloggers
Writers & Poets
Actors & Performers
Graphic Designers
Life Coaches
Event Planners
Legal Experts
Digital Marketers
Public Speakers
Interior Designers
Spiritual Leaders
Makeup Artists
Language Tutors
Custom Videos
Receive Tips
Live Classes
Exclusive Content
Private Streams
Digital Products
Fan Requests
Fitness Classes
Cooking Classes
Art Workshops
Music Lessons
Exclusive Interviews
Afrobeats Production
Traditional Cooking
Literature Talks
Craft Workshops
Fashion Design
Pidgin Classes
Film Critique
Traditional Healing
Festival Coverage
Market Tours
Poetry Slams
Storytelling Events
Music Workshops
Aso Ebi Design
Drumming Tutorials
Success Stories
Afrobeat Fit
Herbal Medicine
Wedding Planning
Art Exhibitions
Local Guide
Tech Support
Fitness Buddy
News Reporter
Dance Parties
Basic Tutoring
Behind the Scenes
Virtual Meetups
Q&A Sessions
Daily Tips
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Transform Your Content into Revenue with Intuitive Tools

Unlock the full potential of your digital presence with powerful tools designed to enhance user interaction and maximize earnings. SabiFans equips you with everything needed to grow and monetize your audience.

Live Streaming

Engage audiences with live events, offering both free and subscriber-only access.

Private Live Streams

Deliver exclusive content through private streams, setting personalized rates for dedicated viewer interactions.

Pay-Per-View Content

Monetize special events or premium content on a pay-per-view basis.

Content Locking

More than an evening out, it's a crucible for stories and shared moments that linger well beyond the night.

Paid Private Messages

Enable fans to pay a set fee to access your personal messages, adding a unique touch to fan interactions.

Referral Rewards

Benefit from referral rewards, earning commissions from transactions made by users you refer.


Create flexible subscription plans, from weekly to yearly, to cater to the diverse preferences of your audience.

Digital Product Sales

Monetize your creativity by selling digital products such as recipes, e-books, courses, music, and more.

Secure Transactions

All transactions are handled by world-class, trusted payment processors, ensuring reliability and security.

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Monetize Flexibly and Maximize Earnings

Maximize your earnings on SabiFans with our variety of monetization tools. From subscriptions and pay-per-view content to direct digital sales and referral earnings, tailor your revenue strategies to fit your unique content and audience.

Pay-Per-View Events
Direct Sales of Digital Products
Referral Earnings
Discover Your Monetization Options
Get Your Earnings Quickly

Fast, Reliable Payouts Right to Your Bank

Receive your hard-earned money without delays. SabiFans offers streamlined and secure payouts directly to your Nigerian bank account, ensuring you get paid quickly and efficiently.

Direct Bank Transfers
Instant Naira Payouts
Flexible Withdrawal Options
Urgent Withdrawals
Start Earning Now
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Earn Instantly

Boost Earnings with Live Engagement

Maximize your earnings with live streaming and instant messaging. Engage directly, respond swiftly, and build lasting connections that drive revenue.

Live Streaming
Instant Messaging
Private Live Sessions
Direct Contributions
Engage and Earn
Amplify Your Revenue

Profit Continuously from Referrals

Earn a steady stream of income from each person you bring on board. Benefit from a percentage of their transactions—not just once, but for multiple transactions.

Multi-Transaction Earnings
Easy Referral Tracking
Long-Term Benefits
No Caps on Earnings
Leverage Your Network
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Your Opportunity Starts Here

Explore Diverse Ways to Earn on SabiFans

Embrace limitless possibilities.

Whether through live streaming, unique digital content, or tailored coaching, your potential to earn is bound only by your imagination.

Live Streaming
Live Classes

Host interactive classes and engage with your audience in real-time.

Live Streaming

Broadcast your live performances to a global audience and monetize each event.

Private Live Stream
Coaching Sessions

Conduct in-depth one-to-one coaching sessions and get paid directly.

Digital Products
Sell Recipes

Market your own recipe creations for others to enjoy and purchase.

Digital Products
Sell Photos

Offer your unique photos for sale to a broad audience.

Pay-Per-View Posts
Exclusive Articles

Publish and sell premium articles on topics you know best.

Tutorial Videos

Create and offer access to your tutorial videos through subscription plans.

Fan Tips

Enable your audience to tip you during live sessions and posts as a token of appreciation."

Custom Content
Custom Artwork

Sell your art directly to those who appreciate and support your work.

Private Live Stream
Consulting Services

Offer specialized consulting services tailored to individual client needs.

Custom Content
Personalized Videos

Produce and sell personalized video content for special occasions or requests.

Live Streaming
Cultural Workshops

Host workshops to share Nigerian cultures and traditions globally.

Private Live Stream
Fashion Design Tutorials

Teach Nigerian fashion design, from traditional to contemporary styles.

Music Production Lessons

Offer tutorials on Afrobeat production and other music genres.

Digital Products
E-Books and Guides

Write and sell e-books on Nigerian cuisine and business startups.

Fitness Programs

Sell tailored fitness programs focused on health and wellness.

Live Streaming
Language Classes

Teach Nigerian languages like Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo.

Private Live Stream
Virtual Real Estate Tours

Conduct virtual tours of real estate properties for buyers.

Event Planning Courses

Provide courses on planning Nigerian weddings and events.

Private Live Stream
Agricultural Consultancy

Offer advice on sustainable agricultural practices in Nigeria.

Sabi People Earnings Simulator

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